April 01, 2004

George Daniels Jr.
Is Senior Portfolio manager of the Dow Jones Global Portfolio Index Funds and Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Global Index Advisors Inc. Daniels has served as an investment management consultant to both defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans since 1966. Mr. Daniels has served in positions at Sperry Rand Corporation, IBM, Reynolds Securities, Dean Witter, The Robinson-Humphrey Company and The Quantidex Group.
John Haslem
Is Professor Emeritus of Finance at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park. He served the Smith School as founding academic affairs dean and as founding chair of the finance department. His mutual funds analysis course was the first of its kind. Haslem has authored five books including Mutual Funds: Risk and Performance Analysis for Decision Making ( Oxford: Blackwell Publishing) in 2003.
John Bogle
Is the founder and former CEO of The Vanguard Group Inc., and president of the Bogle Financial Markets Research Center. He created Vanguard in 1974 and had been associated with a predecessor company since 1951, following his graduation from Princeton University. The Vanguard Group comprises more than 100 mutual funds with assets totaling about $550 billion. Bogle founded the Vanguard 500 Index Fund, the first index mutual fund, in 1975.
Gary Gastineau
Organized ETF Consultants LLC in May 2003 to provide specialized exchange-traded fund consulting services. He joined ETF Advisors, a new ETF management firm, in May 2002, after serving as managing director for ETF Product Development at Nuveen Investments. He also directed product development at the American Stock Exchange for approximately five years. His book, The Exchange- Traded Funds Manual, was published in February 2002 by John Wiley & Sons.
Ranga Nathan
Is principal at InvestMatrix, a consulting firm specializing in structuring ETFs and hedge funds. Previously, Nathan worked on the development of equity & fixed-income ETFs at Nuveen, joining the firm in 2000. In 2002, he and a colleague bought the equity ETF business from Nuveen, leading to the launch of two ETFs in 2003. He has also managed hedge funds at Sakura, and consulted in risk overlay management. Nathan is a CFA charterholder.
Brad Zigler
Formerly served as head of marketing, education and research for the Pacific Exchange and Barclays Global Investors. Zigler is a founding member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals Education Committee, and has contributed to, CBS MarketWatch, Institutional Investor, Financial Planning, CRB Trader, Mutual Funds and Registered Rep.
Ron Surz
Has held senior positions in the investment consulting and financial services industry since 1972 and is currently president of PPCA Inc., a firm that provides investment monitoring and performance attribution tools to the investment consulting industry. He is also a principal of Risk Controlled Growth (RCG) Capital Advisors LLC, manager of funds-of-funds hedge fund portfolios. Surz was awarded an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1974.
Steven Schoenfeld
Is the chief investment officer of Active Index Advisors (AIA), a San Francisco-based manager of customized enhanced index portfolios. He is the editor of the book Active Index Investing to be published this summer by John Wiley & Sons, founder of and a senior research fellow at the Duke University Global Capital Markets Center. Prior to joining AIA, he was a managing director of Barclays Global Investors.


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