FTSE Launches British Small Cap Index

January 01, 1999

FTSE International launched its FTSE All-Small index on Nov. 30, 1998. The new index is designed to measure the performance of all fully listed UK smaller companies, a FTSE International press release said.

The FTSE All-Small index includes UK stocks outside the FTSE 350, combining the existing FTSE SmallCap and FTSE Fledgling indices. At its launch, the FTSE All-Small index represented about 6% of the UK market and consisted of over 1200 constituent companies. Its historical performance  has been calculated back to Dec. 31, 1994, the company said.

The face of smaller company investing has changed in recent years, and many large fund managers no longer directly invest in U.K. smaller companies, said Mark Makepeace, marketing director of FTSE International. Instead, they use fund managers who specialize in investing in smaller companies, he said.

'The FTSE All-Small index will provide smaller company investors with a new benchmark to analyze and measure the performance of their portfolios,' Makepeace added. S


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