Lehman Bros.’ New Index Offerings

January 01, 1999

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. launched a series of bond indexes Jan. 1, 1999, for the commercial mortgage-backed securities market, the high yield European market, and the non-Euro denominated European bond market.

Lehman also began publishing a series of macro indexes, including the U.S. Universal Index, the Global Aggregate Index, and the Global High-Yield Index.

The U.S. dollar-denominated Universal Index is composed of the U.S. Aggregate Index, the U.S. High-Yield Index, the Emerging Markets Index, the Eurodollar Index and the 144a Index. It supersedes the market-leading Aggregate Index as the broadest benchmark available to U.S. investors.

In addition, Lehman began publication of the Pan-European Index and the Pan-European High-Yield Index.


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