Renaming Wilshires

April 01, 1999

Wilshire Associates Inc., provider of the Wilshire 5000 index, has renamed some of its index series. The changes do not affect the construction or methodology of the indexes themselves.

The Wilshire Indexes have been renamed the Wilshire Target Indexes. For example, the Wilshire Large Cap Value Index is now the Wilshire Target Large Value Index and the Wilshire Top 750 Index is now the Wilshire Target Top 750 Index. The Wilshire Quantum Indexes have been changed to simply the Wilshire Indexes, meaning the Wilshire Quantum Large Growth Index is now the Wilshire Large Growth Index, the Wilshire Quantum Mid Cap Index is now the Wilshire Mid Cap 500 Index and so on. In all, Wilshire has changed the names of 20 indexes.

Got all that? Well, Wilshire is also in the process of introducing its own Internet index; as of March 31, the index included 129 companies. S


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