CFSB Tech Index Options Trading

April 01, 1999

The Nasdaq-Amex Market Group began trading options on The CSFB Technology Index (Amex: CTN) on June 23.

Listed on the American Stock Exchange, this new equity index consists of 75 actively traded companies including 50 of the largest U.S.-listed technology stocks plus 25 technology stocks selected by the Credit Suisse Technology Group to add diversification by sector.

The new CSFB Technology Index is designed to benchmark technology stock performance by weighting its components in a manner more reflective of how fund managers invest in technology stocks, creating opportunities for profit and for hedging against risk.

The CSFB Technology Index is calculated using a modified equal dollar weighting methodology in which the 25 largest components are assigned a higher weighting than the rest, which are equally weighted. Reweightings to the index are made on an annual basis. CTN options feature "European style" expiration and cash settlement, meaning that options may be exercised on the last business day prior to expiration.


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