Stoxx Launches Four ‘Quality’ Indexes

January 12, 2014

Stoxx Limited launched four “quality” indexes in early October: the Stoxx Global Strong Quality 50; the Stoxx Europe Strong Quality 30; the Stoxx Asia/Pacific Strong Quality 30; and the Stoxx USA Strong Quality 50. Each represents strong quality companies in its respective region.

The four indexes are based in the Stoxx Global 1800 Index universe, and eligible constituents must, according to Hartmut Graf, chief executive officer of Stoxx, be less prone to distress, have longer cash flow durations and enjoy lower levels of operating leverage.

Inclusion in the global and U.S. indexes requires a minimum of three months’ average daily volume of at least $13.45 (€10) million and at least $6.73 (€5) million for the Europe and Asia-Pacific indexes.

All four indexes require their components to have established profitability and liquidity.


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