Semiannual MSCI Index Review Reveals Changes

January 18, 2014

The MSCI Equity Indices November Semiannual index review posted changes effective as of the close of Nov. 26, 2013.

Most notably, following MSCI’s reclassification of the MSCI Greece Index from developed market to emerging market, the three largest additions to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index were the National Bank of Greece, Bank of Piraeus and Alpha Bank—all Greece-based securities.

Big shifts from growth to value in the MSCI ACWI Value Index were U.K. security GlaxoSmithKline and U.S. securities Oracle Corporation and IBM Corporation. The MSCI ACWI Growth Index saw biggest changes from value to growth in U.S.-based AbbVie, Telefonica (Spain) and Lloyds Banking Group, a U.K. security.

Security additions and subtractions affected all MSCI indexes in the rebalance.


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