Stoxx, Eurex Repo Extend Indexes Along Yield Curve

January 20, 2014

Stoxx Limited, in partnership with Eurex Repo, announced additions to the Stoxx GC Pooling Index family in mid-October. The 14 new indexes cover the full money market curve up to 12 months, the press release said.

The Stoxx GC Pooling Indices were designed to provide transparent access to the euro funding transactions that occur in the Eurex Repo GC Pooling market. The index family is intended as a more objective alternative to interbank indexes, like Libor and Euribor, which have been at the center of a manipulation scandal.

Stoxx announced in the same press release its launch of the Stoxx GC Pooling EUR Deposit and Stoxx GC Pooling EUR Investable Deposit indexes, which track the theoretical return of a rolling deposit that has an interest rate that mirrors the Stoxx GC Pooling EUR funding rate.

The press release noted that these indexes were created as benchmarks for exchange-traded products.


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