S&P DJI Launches China Index Family

February 24, 2014

In December, S&P DJI rolled out its S&P Total China BMI indexes, featuring five different indexes. The benchmarks cover different combinations of China’s A-share and B-share markets, as well as securities listed in Hong Kong and in foreign markets, the press release said.

The S&P China A BMI targets the broad A-share market in China, covering the small-, mid- and large-cap segments. Similarly, the S&P China A+B BMI does the same for both the A-share and B-share markets combined.

The S&P Total China BMI represents the entire investable market of China, including the components of the S&P China A BMI and the older S&P China BMI; the S&P China BMI covers the portions of China’s markets that foreign investors can own, such as B-shares, H-shares, red chips and P-chips and shares listed on foreign stock markets. Meanwhile, the S&P Total China + Hong Kong BMI includes the components of the Total China Index and adds in S&P Hong Kong BMI.

Finally, the S&P Greater China BMI goes a step further still, encompassing the S&P Total China BMI, S&P Hong Kong BMI and S&P Taiwan BMI, according to the press release.


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