ProShares Expands Bond Lineup

June 27, 2011

With fears of a bond-market sell-off unsettling investors, ETF providers were launching inverse and leveraged bond ETFs left and right over the last few months, attempting to capitalize on investors' desires to play the possibilities in the market. ProShares, for one, dramatically expanded its lineup of fixed-income offerings.

Beginning in late March, the firm rolled out six different ETFs tied to the corporate and Treasury segments of the fixed-income market:

  • ProShares Short High Yield ETF (NYSE Arca: SJB)
  • ProShares Short Investment Grade Corporate ETF (NYSE Arca: IGS)
  • ProShares UltraShort 3-7 Year Treasury ETF (NYSE Arca: TBZ)
  • ProShares Short 7-10 Year Treasury ETF (NYSE Arca: TBX)
  • ProShares Ultra High Yield ETF (NYSE Arca: UJB)
  • ProShares Ultra Investment Grade Corporate ETF (NYSE Arca: IGU)


There has been significant debate of late as to whether the bond market is in a bubble, and the raft of products from ProShares makes it easier for both sides to invest according to their views.

The new ProShares ETFs each charge annual expense ratios of 0.95 percent.

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