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Paulson & Soros GLD Blunder

Aug 24, 2012 ... It seems like every quarter when hedge fund 13F filings are released, we get stories about how John Paulson or George Soros upped their ...

Lara Crigger

Impact Of SEC's 13F Change Murky. The biggest beneficiary of the SEC's proposal may not be activist investors, but the agency's overworked staff.

Hot Reads: Momentum & Growth Outperforming

Jul 10, 2020 ... 13F Reporting & Advisors (Nerd's Eye View) How rising ETF investing by RIAs triggers the SEC's 13F reporting requirement.

iBillionaire ETF Buyers: Beware Of Bear

Aug 11, 2014 ... Guru builds a portfolio based on the filings of large hedge funds, as reported in 13F filings. It's another snickerworth idea, but naysayers ...

3 Cool Online Investment Tools

Jul 15, 2016 ... You will also get the 13F filers who reported holding an ETF, including how many shares they own, the market value of that position and any ...

Daily ETF Watch: Activist Guru Fund Debuts

Apr 29, 2015 ... ... top holdings of its selection pool of activist investors, drawing the stocks from the investors' Form 13F and Schedule 13D SEC filings.

CalPERS Abandons Hedge Funds—For ETFs?

Sep 16, 2014 ... Its last 13F filings suggest it has just a handful of positions in ETFs, most of them insignificant. Fund, Symbol, Invested.

Daily ETF Watch: 4 ETFs Launch Today

Mar 11, 2014 ... Like GURU, both new Global X funds will use 13F filings used by hedge fund managers to drive stock selection in their respective markets, ...

Virtu's HFT Way To Play Crazy Oil Market

Feb 27, 2015 ... Virtu's most recent form 13F, the Securities and Exchange Commission's quarterly holdings report, revealed a $46 million position in United ...’s-hft-way-play-crazy-oil-market

S&P 500: The Best Crowdsourcing Tool

Oct 6, 2016 ... There are other “crowd” funds with much more shallow polling pools, like those that track the 13F filings of hedge funds and replicate those ...