2014 ETF.com Awards Finalists Announced

January 20, 2015

Category No. 15: Index Provider of the Year –2014
Awarded to the index provider that has done the most to improve investor outcomes through index introductions, research, advisor support and more.

Nominee No. 1: ChinaBond

The ChinaBond China High Quality Bond Index has opened up the mainland Chinese bond market to U.S. investors.

Nominee No. 2: China Securities Index

CSI has long been a leading China index provider and is a rising provider in the U.S. CSI’s indexes underlie six U.S.-listed ETFs, including ASHR | D-39 and KWEB | B-24.

Nominee No. 3: MSCI

With more than 650 ETFs tracking MSCI indexes globally, more ETFs track MSCI’s indexes than any other index provider. MSCI works with clients globally to conduct research and construct quality indexes, and has been focused on factor indexes in recent years.

Nominee No. 4: Solactive

Solactive works with clients to build custom indexes, offering cost-effective passive exposure to equities, fixed income and currencies. The firm pushes the industry to lower prices.

Nominee No. 5: WisdomTree

WisdomTree designs tactical indexes that allow ETF investors to access highly targeted investment themes in the equity markets. With origins in dividend strategies, WisdomTree has branched out to explore other fundamental metrics such as earnings and macroeconomic features such as import/export exposure, at times with a currency hedge.

Category No. 16: Index of the Year – 2014
Awarded to the index that has done the most to provide new ways of considering investment strategies, opportunities or ideas.

Nominee No. 1: Bloomberg Dollar Index

The Bloomberg Dollar index breaks decades of convention by weighting currencies based on their trade-weights with the U.S. Older currency indexes assign weights largely based on agreements set at Bretton Woods in 1944.

Nominee No. 2: EMQQ Index

Some of the world’s most innovative online companies have come from the emerging markets. EMQQ is the first index to package those companies together.

Nominee No. 3: Endowment Index

Nasdaq's Endowment Index provides a unique proxy for the asset allocation strategies of leading endowments using low-cost ETFs.

Nominee No. 4: MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target Indexes

The MSCI Low Carbon indexes give investors a way to bet that environmental friendliness is a long-term ticket to success.

Nominee No. 5: S&P 500

The bellwether U.S. equity index is far from stodgy, and in a banner year for U.S. stock returns, the Nos. 1, 2 and 3 most popular ETFs of 2014 (as measured by fund flows) all tracked the S&P 500.

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