Current Ether ETF Filing Updates

July 13, 2021

The journey to get a bitcoin ETF listed in the U.S. has been carrying on for eight years and counting, with little to show for it.

But bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency that’s struggled to get packaged into an ETF wrapper. Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, has also been unsuccessful in its bid to be included in a U.S.-listed ETF.

The first ether ETF filing dropped in July 2016 when EtherIndex attempted to get its fund greenlit by the SEC. It failed, and no issuer attempted to bring an ether ETF to market for quite a while after that. In fact, the next ether ETF filing wouldn’t come down the pike for almost another five years—until this May.

Filings for the VanEck Ethereum Trust and the WisdomTree Ethereum Trust were released in the same month, joining the multiple bitcoin ETF filings that have been released so far this year.

Given it’s been around for longer and its ecosystem is a bit more mature, bitcoin will probably be the first crypto asset to be represented by its own U.S.-listed ETF. But as the No. 2 cryptocurrency by market value, ether shouldn’t be far behind.

See the table below for the current list of ether ETF filings, which will be updated as new products enter the pipeline:


Fund Issuer Filing Date SEC Filing
Kryptoin Ethereum ETF Trust Kryptoin  8/12/2021 Link
WisdomTree Ethereum Trust WisdomTree  5/27/2021 Link
VanEck Ethereum Trust VanEck  5/7/2021 Link


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