Active ETFs

A report from Mutual Fund Wire says that XShares has filed papers for the right to launch an actively managed ETF. Analysis

ETNs and The Law

Matt—you made some great points about the relatively limited impact of ETNs so far. You've convinced me that maybe these things aren't such a big deal. Analysis

Do Individual Investors Care About Taxes?

One of the curious things about ETNs, Jim, is that they're not more popular. Analysis


So it has come to this? A gladiator's battle at the Roman Forum of the IRS and Treasury department. I've got some very strong views on the matter, IRS, so please give me a call. Analysis

Red Sox And ETNs

We see where your priorities are, Jim. A HUGE story breaks on ETNs and you use your bully pulpit to take pot shots at a long-suffering Red Sox fan. Analysis


I have seen an advertisement on our home page, Matt, and its name is MATT'Sblog. Analysis


I have seen the future of ETF investing, Jim, and its name is FOLIOfn. Analysis

HERE’S Some Pudding For You Hougan

I've been running through our updated data, which is always fun, and thought I'd try an exercise. Here's what we should all be buying right now.