The Best Commodity ETF (Today)

One more product comparison, Jim, and then I'll get back to dishing gossip about the index industry. But I promise this comparison is the most interesting of all. Analysis

Finally, The Pudding

You’re right, Jim: These ETFs are providing price discovery and testing all those mythical investment claims you here about. Analysis

ETFs Doing Price Discovery

Matt—I read that header on buybacks and said, "Ho hum, that Hougan really has a thing about these buybacks." But your illustration is really interesting, and shows how ETFs can act as a window on markets. Analysis

The Buyback Swindle

Buybacks are supposed to make us feel all warm and fluffy about companies. "See?" we are supposed to think. "Management believes in the stock." But why are the companies doing these buybacks underperforming the market? Analysis

RAFI - the Other DFA?

And I mean "the other DFA" in the tone of the famous "Pork—the Other White Meat" commercials. I had dinner with Rob Arnott last night, and no surprise, he had some things to say. We ate beef, by the way. Analysis

The Big Lie

I'm a big fan of DFA and of giving investors as many tools as possible. But I'm not 100% sold on the idea of DFA ETFs. Analysis

DFA On The Move?

Browsing the news, the attention-grabber is clearly DFA's new R Shares. Is the indexing-ish enigma finally pushing out into the wider world? Where are those DFA ETFs anyway? Analysis

Global Thoughts

Jim: This must be a first. I agree with almost everything you say in your blog…