Where ETFs And Indexing Are Getting it Right

6:00 a.m. on the West Coast. And indexing, Matt, is alive and well. I'm going to tell you this morning what's worth your time among all these new indexing developments, and what is not. Analysis

And So Is Indexing

Just kidding. But the biggest trend that jumped out at me at the Art of Indexing conference was that Rob Arnott and the fundamentalistas are starting to make some inroads. Analysis

EAFE is Obsolete

Certainly the most controversial comment I heard at the Art of Indexing was Steven Schoenfeld's on my panel—the first of the event. "EAFE is obsolete" he said. Analysis

Let's Talk About SSgA

I want to go back to one of your earlier blogs, Jim ... the one where you reviewed SSgA's fund lineup. Analysis

Live at the Art of Indexing

I am posting this before my opening panel today at the Art of Indexing. First of all, thanks to all of you who came out to the autograph session yesterday. I'm sorry about the ugly incident with hotel security. Analysis

Meet the Indexers

For those who want to meet the indexers, we've booked a session at the M Street Renaissance Hotel before the Art of Indexing. I'll be signing copies of my most recent book there. Analysis

Sexier Than Borat In A What?

"At 60 basis points, this fund is sexier than Borat in a day-glo green thong bikini." - Jim Wiandt, on the SPDR Emerging Europe ETF. Analysis

Go SSgA!

For all of the attention that BGI, Vanguard, PowerShares and even ProShares, Rydex and Claymore have been getting lately, SSgA— with still the largest ETF and second-largest total ETF assets BY FAR—has quietly built a stable of world-class products.