Why Competition Is Good Analysis

ETFs and Market Impact

Matt—you raise an interesting point about ETFs affecting muni bond markets. They've been accused of the same in commodities.  Here's what I think. Analysis

Opening Illiquid Markets

I agree, Jim: You gotta love this tit-for-tat battle in the muni bond market. Analysis

Hello Munis and Hello Rudy

Well, the Muni ETFs have finally arrived, and we've got the perfect in depth look at them to help you make sense of the various offerings. Analysis

Returns Decay

Your blog about chasing returns got me thinking, Jim: Will all these new quantitative strategies suffer from returns decay? Analysis

The Shakedown

It kind of feels like that seminal moment in every market cycle, when the pretenders begin to be weeded out by reality. Analysis


I had not caught the FTSE RAFI ad in the Wall Street Journal. That sounds like a RAFI in conjunction with a PowerShares ad to me. What did the small print say? Analysis

Style Is Back

Yesterday, I read the Wall Street Journal cover to cover. It's a rare pleasure, and a good one, as you can find some fascinating information in there.