I had not caught the FTSE RAFI ad in the Wall Street Journal. That sounds like a RAFI in conjunction with a PowerShares ad to me. What did the small print say? Analysis

Style Is Back

Yesterday, I read the Wall Street Journal cover to cover. It's a rare pleasure, and a good one, as you can find some fascinating information in there. Analysis

Alpha And Fees

I have just read the latest Hougan additions to the "impact ETFs" discussion. Again, I'll share some deep secrets about my views on alpha and fees (be patient). Analysis

Five Game-Changing ETFs

I loved your list of "5 ETFs," Jim. And for the most part, I agreed with your selections. I thought I'd take a crack at my own "5 ETFs" list. Analysis

The Great DFA Debate

There is some great debate going on over on our discussion boards. The age-old total market vs. DFA slice-and-dice lives, it seems.  DFA ETFs? DFA as an active manager? Tactical allocations in the current market conditions? Lots of grist over there. Analysis

You want MORE ETFs?

Hougan just can't get enough with 500 ETFs. He's asking for more of them. We do seem to be heading where there are more funds than equities, as with mutual funds. Here are my gaps: Analysis

Where The ETF Industry Is Headed

I'm glad you like ETF Watch, Jim. It's definitely back to stay. Analysis

Five Biggest Summer ETF Developments

How do I love ETF Watch?  Let me count the ways.  It's the last word in the horse race that has become the exchange-traded product industry. Thanks Matt. And thanks for promising it will be weekly from now on.