5 ETFs I Like (For Real)

Here they are.  Five ETFs I REALLY like.  Some of you will call me nuts.  Some will have seen these coming all along. Analysis

Scams? Try Stockbrokers

I like your list of scandals, Jim, but you missed a few real boondoggles. Analysis

5 Most Scandalous Areas of Financial Services

Everyone has been picking on ETFs lately, but if you want to REALLY see scandalous behavior, here's where to look. Analysis

Bubonic Plague

I love a good quote, and they don't get much better than this. The Wall Street Journal ran an article today about pension fund managers rethinking plans to invest in hedge funds, given all the problems we've seen in recent weeks. Analysis

Once In a Light Year

I woke up this morning to read a New York Times story (free registration required) showing that the national housing price average had dropped for the first time ever. Analysis

Do You Speak ETF?

I've been studying the linguistic patterns of ETF-ese, Jim, and there are some real curiosities. For instance, there is no past tense: the words "has," "have" and "in the past" have vanished from the lexicon. Analysis

Do You Speak Hedgie?

Unfortunately, the 6 a.m. blog was NOT on for today, because we were having technical problems with the Web site. But we're on for 6 a.m. in Hawaii maybe. Analysis

A New Boom In Hong Kong

China -- and Chinese ETFs -- are getting a lot more interesting. And that, of course, is saying something.