The Tumbling Market

Well Jim, you should start a hedge fund, and I should be your lead trader. The DJIA is down about 600 points since you first posted on Priced To Perfection, and the downturn has gone global: EAFE's off about 7% over the same timeframe as well. Analysis

The Case (or not) For Commodities Analysis

Vim In The VIX

I've got the solution, Jim: Forget large-caps and bonds, and put it all on the VIX instead. Analysis

Iceberg Dead Ahead Captain!

OK, Matt - I'll jump on with EAFE.  International markets make me even more nervous than the U.S. market right now if that's possible. Analysis

Introducing EAFE

One more minor point and I'll get off of my international soapbox. I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: When are they going to start reporting on the returns of the MSCI EAFE index on the evening news? Analysis

What, Me Worry?

Yes, I know all of that's right.  But I guess I just have that sickening feeling you get when you know a bear market is on the way. Analysis

Indexing In A Globalized Era

Don't be so dour, Jim.  The history of globalization is a history of increased global prosperity, not just for developing nations but for the developed world as well. I'm not sure why that will change in the future. Analysis

Priced to Perfection

Matt - your blog on CPI really brings to mind the fragility of global markets and the global economy. It seems like a funny thing to say during a go-go market, I know.