The China Conundrum

A Wall Street Journal article this morning got me thinking about the growing disconnect between market-cap weighted indexes and the GDP-share of emerging economies, and in particular, China. Analysis

Here's My Plan, Jim

We take all the stocks excluded from the fundamental indexes; all the stocks that don't pay dividends; all the stocks shunned by the Intellidex indexes, rotated out of sector rotation ETFs and cast aside by the quant strategies. Analysis

What do we do, Matt?

An email press release in my inbox today proclaimed: "Small-Cap, Large-Cap and Broad Market Russell Indexes Reach All-Time High." Sound familiar? Analysis

The iPhone ETF

Yes, Jim, lots of billion dollar ETFs. And lots of small fry. And lots in registration, too. All told, there are 553 ETFs (and related exchange-traded products) on the market and 361 in registration, according to ETF Watch. Analysis

Slicing Further Still...

That was a nice addition, Matt.  The next step, if we're attempting to guage the relative strength of each ETF operation (or perhaps the relative value to fee conscious investors) would be to look at the expense ratios for all and multiply them by assets for baseline revenue. Analysis

A Finer Cut

I thought it might be useful to take a look beneath the surface and look at the ETF market from an individual fund level. Analysis

Handicapping The ETF Issuers

Touché Mr. Hougan! Let’s just say the SEC has a very big job. My experience with them has generally been that they’ve got the right interests in mind and are doing their best. To shift tack, your post puts me at a mind to handicap the ETF issuers. Analysis

Escape The Average?!?

Well, Jim, you clearly have more faith in the SEC than I do. Maybe it’s the 12b-1 fees … or the rules allowing soft dollar arrangements … or the lack of 401(k) fee disclosures … or the existence of 5% sales loads … or the mind-boggling prospectuses … or the, well, you know what I mean. …