A Finer Cut

I thought it might be useful to take a look beneath the surface and look at the ETF market from an individual fund level. Analysis

Handicapping The ETF Issuers

Touché Mr. Hougan! Let’s just say the SEC has a very big job. My experience with them has generally been that they’ve got the right interests in mind and are doing their best. To shift tack, your post puts me at a mind to handicap the ETF issuers. Analysis

Escape The Average?!?

Well, Jim, you clearly have more faith in the SEC than I do. Maybe it’s the 12b-1 fees … or the rules allowing soft dollar arrangements … or the lack of 401(k) fee disclosures … or the existence of 5% sales loads … or the mind-boggling prospectuses … or the, well, you know what I mean. … Analysis

Economist Comes Out For Indexing!

So an economist from the investor advocacy government agency comes out for indexing.  Woo hoo.  I wish the index industry was consistently coming out with the same kind of message. Analysis

Weekend Reading

I spent the weekend catching up on a little reading in the ETF and indexing space, and stumbled across a few gems worth sharing. Analysis

Add This To Issues Damaging Index Returns

The complete lack of dividend payouts in the stock market and trading of known cash for a paper promise, is one of a number off issues weighted against investors and for managers. Analysis

Buyback Boondoggle?

Count me among the believers in Howard’s Silverblatt’s increasingly aggressive campaign against corporate stock buybacks. Analysis

Tax Plays? Cash Redemptions?

Good ongoing coverage of the Russell recon, Jim.  I’m still figuring out what the “play” in all this is. It’s a huge movement of money with a payoff that’s not entirely clear.