The Russell deal with the ICE can be spun a million ways and has all kinds of implications, but at it’s core, it is about da money:  $50 million in cash upfront ... 7 year deal…possible backend bringing the total to over $100 million.  Here’s the SEC filing. Analysis

ICE Lands Russell Contract

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) stuck its thumb in the eye of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) this morning, announcing a deal for the exclusive rights to trade futures and options on futures on the full suite of Russell indexes. Analysis

Great Expectations

I decided to take a look at valuations in the asset management space to get a feel for how the rumored purchase price of Rydex stacks up. Analysis

Issuer Valuations, Rydex and ETNs

Matt - you had some interesting comments on valuations, but from what I heard about the Rydex sale, the levels you're talking about seem to be holding.  How does $1 billion sound to you?  In cash. Analysis

ETF Prices

You mention that seed money is drying up in the ETF space, Jim, and that’s true: we’ve seen funds like the HealthShares launch with as little as $2.5 million in seed money. A few years ago, that would have been $25 million, easy. Analysis

ETF Seed Money Dries Up

I received a note last night from a panelist mentioning that in our FRA conference today in New York, we might want to talk about the issue discussed in Diya Gullapalli's recent WJS article - no seed money for new ETFs - and how that has shifted the industry. Analysis

Are Best Practices Good Enough?

The more money that has flowed into indexed portfolios, the more of a science index investing has become. But is it enough? "Best practices" are certainly not a fixed target. Analysis

Russell Recon And Best Practices

It’s good to see Russell adopting emerging best practices in the index industry. Both of the major changes they’ve adopted this year make a lot of sense.