Buybacks? Or Kickbacks? Analysis

This I Believe

A little media envy, Jim? You must be referring to this WSJ article, where Eleanor Laise outlines some of the things investors should “watch out for” in the ETF space. Analysis

You Knew They Were Coming

My only question is "what's taken so long?"  With commodities sectors long launched in Europe and the structural issues already having been overcome in the U.S., it's amazing these types of products are not already trading, beyond broad commodities baskets, gold, silver and the four PowerShares "supersector" baskets (agricultural, base metals, energy and precious metals). Analysis

ETFs - the Devil's Work

The easiest way to get someone to read something is to be controversial.  Any fool knows that. Indexing is for communists. Buy and hold is for suckers.  ETFs are the devil's work. Analysis

Two (Or Three Or Four) Chinas

Volatility with a capital “V” has come to the Chinese market. Up 5%, down 8%: the market makes the Nasdaq at the height of the Internet bubble look placid. Analysis

Come One Come All - New Discussion Boards Are Open

Once upon a time, I worked for a site that had an incredibly active, interesting discussion board.  Browsing the Diehards forums recently brought back my taste for it. Our discussion boards are now open.  After a delay from porn spamming and such, the radically simplified boards are now up and running. Analysis

Supply And Demand Analysis

Nowhere To Go But Down

Is it just me, or does every investment market in site look sky high - probably for the first time I can remember?  If I've got any tilt in my investing nature - it is as a contrarian. So all of this makes me very nervous.