The Sky --Is-- Falling

That's what everyone says, Jim: That 30% seems a little Chicken Little-ish. But where was everyone in 2005? Analysis

The Real Estate Crisis

30, 40, 50% drops sound a bit chicken littleish to me, but I do think that real estate is primed for more fall - particularly if the economy softens. Analysis

Gold, Real Estate And Reality

What can I say, Jim? You trotted out the old argument about how gold has performed in the past. Haven't you seen the disclaimers? Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Analysis

Sound of Silence

Can you hear the tumbleweed rolling?  I launch a frontal attack on Hougan's manhood and...nothing. Analysis

Good As Gold

What are you missing? A LOT. Rarely have I seen such a convoluted tangle of reasoning and mixed metaphors. It really is hard to imagine gold bugs singing kum-bay-yah. Analysis

The Myth Of El Dorado

That's right, Jim: I don't get gold. The way I see it, the arguments boil down to this: Gold is valuable because it's always been valuable.  Well, let's all hold hands and sing Kum-bay-yah. Analysis

Gold Investing Makes No Sense?

Matt read my China/Gold blog yesterday and told me that he "just doesn't get" gold investing. And I'm sure many of you are with him. But I know as well that there's a big pocket of "goldbugs" among index investors. Analysis

Put It All in China and Gold

It's hard not to notice the continual buzz around China and the finite amount of gold in the world.