Worse Than Nothing

The 401(k) market certainly is a racket, Jim.  And it's a racket that puts Tony Soprano to shame. Analysis

MY Plan for 401(k)

If the 401(k) plan was an etch-a-sketch and I was king, I would shake that thing vigorously and start all over. Analysis

Which ETFs To Avoid, Part 2

Your conversation on CNBC about oil and commodities ETF was interesting, Jim. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me which oil-focused ETF did the best job tracking the price of crude, I'd be richer than a roughneck on payday. Analysis

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Matt - great feature article on ETNs. And I am shocked SHOCKED, that investors might actually have to have a decent investing option in their 401(k) options. Analysis

Touching The Third Rail

Representative George Miller (D-Calif.) has stirred up a quite a fury with his new bill requiring all 401(k) plans to offer at least one broad-based index fund. Reading the response from the active fund industry, you'd think Miller had put us on the fast-track to socialism ... one day index funds, the next day gulags. Analysis

Three ETFs I Would Not Invest In

It's a catchy title isn't it?  This is the question that CNBC proposes to ask me on my upcoming Monday appearance.  What are my selections? Analysis

Backwardation Is Back

Backwardation is back, and it's finally safe for investors to dip their toes back in the futures wading pool. Analysis

75 Basis Points, Maybe More

You're getting microscopic with your portfolio now.  Next thing you know you'll have someone running their 1 BP Calpers fund for you. I've got other ideas today, though.