ETF Seed Money Dries Up

I received a note last night from a panelist mentioning that in our FRA conference today in New York, we might want to talk about the issue discussed in Diya Gullapalli's recent WJS article - no seed money for new ETFs - and how that has shifted the industry. Analysis

Are Best Practices Good Enough?

The more money that has flowed into indexed portfolios, the more of a science index investing has become. But is it enough? "Best practices" are certainly not a fixed target. Analysis

Russell Recon And Best Practices

It’s good to see Russell adopting emerging best practices in the index industry. Both of the major changes they’ve adopted this year make a lot of sense. Analysis

Burton Malkiel LOVES ETFs

I'm back in New York. And what a pleasurable first day to see Burton Malkiel at an (urp) ISHARES event. There he was espousing the benefits of ETFs to a significant gathering of the New York financial media. Analysis

Buybacks? Or Kickbacks? Analysis

This I Believe

A little media envy, Jim? You must be referring to this WSJ article, where Eleanor Laise outlines some of the things investors should “watch out for” in the ETF space. Analysis

You Knew They Were Coming

My only question is "what's taken so long?"  With commodities sectors long launched in Europe and the structural issues already having been overcome in the U.S., it's amazing these types of products are not already trading, beyond broad commodities baskets, gold, silver and the four PowerShares "supersector" baskets (agricultural, base metals, energy and precious metals). Analysis

ETFs - the Devil's Work

The easiest way to get someone to read something is to be controversial.  Any fool knows that. Indexing is for communists. Buy and hold is for suckers.  ETFs are the devil's work.