Bogleheads Unite!

May 29, 2007

I was perusing the vanguard diehards discussion board last week and over the weekend. I'd forgotten how much fun that can be. For those of you who are not "in the know", there was a schism so there are now two Diehards discussion boards.

As far as I can tell this split was caused by Morningstars ill-fated decision to try to charge $10 for anyone who wanted to post to their discussion board. Oh no you DON'T...not in the world where 5 basis points in added annual expenses are a scandal.

So now, you've got, which is cheeky enough to not only host its own forum, but to also show links to both its board and the old Morningstar board side by side on its home page. Now, because of ten bucks, it appears that Morningstar's old page has to say "" when someone asks it "Who's your daddy?"

Just a glance this morning shows 4 new posts on the Morningstar Diehard's forum and 16 new ones on the forum.

Anyway - the reason I actually went to the board was to post a request for more Bogle Haikus. We're giving away 5 autographed copies of JCB's latest book and just wanted more entries than the solicitation in an editor's note I'd published in the last Journal of Indexes had solicited.

It just shows you the power and instant gratification of online linkage. In three days, I'd gotten more than 50 new entries! I'm not sure I've ever seen so many Haikus in one place in my life, let along Bogle Haikus. And some of them are hilarious.

Ironically, you'll have to wait until the print Journal of Indexes comes out to read the winners.

Anyway, all of this inspires me to spend a bit more time on those board and to build some board of our own...because I think would could take it to another level with ETFs and given everyone we know in the industry. But right now we're not even running boards on the new site while we try to fix a glitch which had spammed the board and our home page (which had latest posts featured as part of our grand new plan) with porno links.

But it's coming soon. Let us know, either by sending me email to [email protected] what you think of the new site, which now has a week under it's belt, with the "official launch" being probably week from today.

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