Come One Come All - New Discussion Boards Are Open

June 04, 2007

Once upon a time, I worked for a site that had an incredibly active, interesting discussion board.  Browsing the Diehards forums recently brought back my taste for it. Our discussion boards are now open.  After a delay from porn spamming and such, the radically simplified boards are now up and running. 

I'm going to go in there now and post some very controverial and lively questions.  Is RAFI just a Fama/French redux? Is gold really an asset class?  Who has the smarter index builders, Russell, S&P, Dow, Russell, FTSE or MSCI?  You know, that kind of thing.

Seriously though - my sense is that there is an enormous void where questions should be being asked and answered, particularly relating to ETFs.  My experience on the conference circuit is that there are a LOT of people, and I'm talking about investment professionals - who are really bewildered by all the new tradable products bombarding them.

And there are enough industry people, and educated investors around this site to answer all of those questions. So we've got the Vanguard Diehards. Next up iShares Allocators?  DFA Wizards?  I know there's more need than discussion going on out lets try to get that going here.

So take a look - click into the boards now.  Posting is fast and easy, and surely I'll have a post or two up that you can resist responding to.

Jim Wiandt



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