The Great DFA Debate

September 03, 2007

There is some great debate going on over on our discussion boards. The age-old total market vs. DFA slice-and-dice lives, it seems.  DFA ETFs? DFA as an active manager? Tactical allocations in the current market conditions? Lots of grist over there.

The discussion boards are great when you get some lively and informed discussion going on because you can unwind there and learn at the same time. For free. I've always been a big fan of indexing DBs and am glad to see ours getting rolling.

The interactive features on our site have also really provoked some lively discussion. Go to the bottom of Larry Swedroe's most recent feature on the site (which is currently the most popular article on and you'll find a whole trail of highly charged comments about Larry and DFA. Someone let an active manager on there it seems!

So dig in and post something yourself. I'm around today and am willing to swing at anything in sight. It is LABOR day after all ... so we might as well have a little fun.

There's some really lively material in the new Journal of Indexes at, so if you like entertaining yourself with index reading, you should be all set without even having to turn the dial.

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