Go New York Giants!

February 01, 2008

Hate to say it, Matt. But I'll be rooting for the New York Giants on Sunday against your New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Can you believe it ... two easterners in the NFL's crown jewel ... and they're playing in Arizona! Say it ain't so ...

But it could be a blowout. It was a bad omen that the first ones off the plane for the Patsies when they landed in Phoenix were their film crew. You know, the guys who were filming other teams' benches (before they got caught). They're fired up for this one!

Seriously, does anyone know what the latest injury report is on Brady? Was that just a ruse last week when he was spotted walking around in a leg cast? Is he really 100% ... he sure better be, considering the Giants' strength is their pass rush.

Eli has been playing like ... well, Payton lately. My buddy's a big Giants fan, has been his whole life. He's heading to the game, even without a ticket. He's worried that Eli's hot streak is bound to end, and could hit a real thud on Sunday. His receivers also have a knack for dropping passes at key moments. They've improved in the playoffs, but will they return to normal as well?

Personally, I hate the Patriots after a few years ago when they stole a win against the mighty Oakland Raiders. It was an epic playoff battle in the snow and the NFL even had to amend that terrible "tuck" rule as a result afterwards.

Remember when Bill Belichick took the Patriots' head coaching job, basically shafting Parcells and the Jets? What happened to the Bill Belichick who was run out of Cleveland and despised by all of his players?

Ancient history? I dunno ... whoever wins this game is going to need heart. I can't help thinking that New England's the NFL's version of the perfect system team. All players are interchangeable. You've got Junior Seau and an over-the-hill linebacking core going against an awesome ground game of the Giants.

And then there's Randy Moss ... good luck with that in a big game! He's had a big year, granted. But I'd hate to be on the sidelines at a Super Bowl when things go south. He'll be the first to start hanging his head.

Did you know that most of Tom Brady's touchdown passes this season came in the fourth quarter and with big leads? (Don't hold me to that ... I got that from Terry Bradshaw on Fox Sports.)

But I can't dig on Mr. Brady too much. After all, he's a product of the Bay Area.

Well, that's about all I've got, Matt. Give me credit for trying. Honestly, the Patsies are the ultimate team to hate for non-New Englanders. They're so good, so well-coached and disciplined. It's probably not even going to be close. I've watched every Giants game this season, and they're playing way over their heads.

I'm just waiting for a West Coast Super Bowl matchup next year ... the San Francisco 49ers against the Oakland Raiders. Now that would be football entertainment at its finest!

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