ETF Ticker Hall Of Fame—And Shame

December 30, 2014


10 Memorable Tickers List


10. GIVE—AdvisorShares Global Echo ETF: Brilliant, as the socially responsible fund contributes a portion of its assets to Philippe Cousteau Jr.'s Global Echo Foundation.


9. FORX—PIMCO Foreign Currency Strategy ETF: It captures the fund’s investment thesis perfectly. I’m surprised this ticker hadn’t been picked up before.


8. BOND—PIMCO Total Return ETF: Another great ticker from PIMCO. It’s totally boring, but perfect for the ETF version of the world’s largest bond mutual fund.


7. NEAR—iShares Short Maturity Bond ETF: Is NEAR referring to the maturities in its basket, or is the end NEAR for the 30-year-old bond bull market? I love it.


6. NASH—LocalShares Nashville Area ETF: Makes me think of country music, even though NASH has nothing to do with country music and more to do with health care.


5. GURU—Global X Top Guru Holdings Index ETF: It’s perfect for an ETF that piggybacks on large hedge funds’ holdings, and makes you believe the “gurus” of the financial industry are running this fund.


4. HACK—PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF: No, HACK is not a biotech ETF targeting companies aiming to cure lung and throat diseases; hack—as in “hackers” and cybersecurity.


3. OUNZ—Merk Gold Trust: This gold ETF entered a crowded space, but separates itself with its “redeemable” gold feature and its clever ticker. Reminds me of another clever gold ETF ticker from iShares.


2. XSOE—WisdomTree Emerging Markets ex-State-Owned Enterprises ETF: This new emerging market ETF strips out state-owned enterprises. The ticker is about as perfect as it gets for its investment thesis. Well done, WisdomTree.


1. ROAR—IQ Asian Tigers ETF (in filing): I can’t decide whether this is brilliant or ridiculous, but I’m already annoyed with it because I’m still hung over from being forced to hear Katy Perry “Roar” a hundred times a day earlier in the year.


At the time this article was written, the author held no positions in the securities mentioned. Contact Dennis Hudachek at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter @Dennis_Hudachek.



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