Getting Smart On ETFs

April 18, 2018

[Editor's note: Join's Managing Director Dave Nadig and Editor-in-Chief Drew Voros on Thursday, April 26, at 1:00 p.m. CT for our ETF 101 Live webinar.]

ETFs are an investment nerd’s dream come true. I say this with nothing but love and affection, as an avowed nerd myself. ETFs cover every major asset class in the world, and themselves have subtle nuances that reward really digging under the hood and learning how the sausage is made.

If you’re just beginning your ETF journey, it’s pretty easy to point you to the basics. We have a whole education section here at, and, Editor-in-Chief Drew Voros and I will be hosting an ETF 101 Live webinar on Thursday, April 26, going through these basics: how creation/redemption works, and why almost everything cool about ETFs grows from there. I also host a weekly Live! session, where you can ask any kind of ETF question you want, no matter how basic or arcane.

But day to day, most of us aren’t boning up on fund accounting rules and reading prospectuses—we’re exploring the intersections of politics, economics, markets, and yes, the structures we use to access them, like ETFs. So I’m here to help with focusing on the right stuff.

Here are the resources I find most valuable on a day-to-day/week-to-week basis. Consider it a glimpse into my bookmark bar, minus the Spotify playlists.


My lizard brain can’t slow down enough on a run or a bike ride to just not do anything; thankfully, there are some great investment-related podcasts out there to fill the space between my ears.

ETF Prime   

Formerly "The ETF Store Show," and newly rebranded, ETF Prime has hosts Nate Geraci, Conor Kelly and Jason Lank. They aren’t just ETF guys—they’re actual advisors who put ETFs to use in portfolios for their clients. One of the longest-running ETF-related podcasts out there, they feature regular guests and dig into everything trending in the ETF space, whether it’s bitcoin, cannabis or just plain old tax-efficient equities.


Hosted by Bloomberg’s resident ETF Expert, Eric Balchunas, and co-host Joel Weber, this has Bloomberg’s normal high level of production values, and digs each week into a juicy ETF topic for 30 minutes. Given that much of Balchunas’ work is now behind the Bloomberg terminal paywall, it’s pretty much the only way to get his regular insights outside his weekly ETF IQ TV show on Bloomberg TV.

Masters in Business

Also on Bloomberg, this is Barry Ritholtz’s interview show, and it’s just the best. It’s not always investment related, but in the past he’s hosted folks like superadvisor Ric Edelman, Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio and Nobel Laureate Bill Sharpe. Ritholtz always seems to carry an infectious enthusiasm into every interview, making every episode entertaining and informative.

Behind the Markets

Ostensibly a Wharton School jam, this is WisdomTree’s Jeremy Schwartz and Jeremy Siegel digging into topics of note. Whether it’s a deep dive on high-frequency trading or just trying to tease out where we are in the market cycle, it’s always smart.


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