Getting Smart On ETFs

April 18, 2018


Meb Faber:

Meb Faber runs Cambria Investments, a small ETF issuer. But Meb’s writing and podcast are the real gems here. He’s irreverent, always willing to call BS on anyone, and always calling it like he sees it when it comes to the markets.

Ritholtz Wealth Management:

The advisory firm that bears Barry Ritholtz’s name (from Masters in Business, above) has also become one of the absolute gems of market commentary on the internet. Barry, Josh Brown, Michael Batnick, Ben Carlson, Tony Isola and Kris Venne all write their own blogs, each with their own personality and take on the markets. All of it’s pretty much must-reading, but good luck keeping up.

Alpha Architect:

Wes Grey and Jack Vogel run the blog at Alpha Architect, and also have a podcast of their own. The gems here are the deep dives into quant topics from a wide variety of contributing authors.

Abnormal Returns:

Abnormal Returns has been at the investment blog thing for a long time and often posts great in-depth articles. The huge value to me, however, is their regular “links” articles. When I’m really short on time, I just scan those, confident that if they’ve missed a story, it probably wasn’t that important to start with.

Issuer Blogs

Most issuers have a blog where you can read about new products. The best have great insights into how ETFs actually get used by advisors and investors, and bring strong market commentary to the fore as well. In no particular order, I regularly read Vanguard’s, BlackRock’s, State Street’s and WisdomTree’s.


Here at, we see the ETF-focused advisor as our core constituency. RIA Biz is probably the best site out there for keeping tabs on what’s important to this community, whether it’s technology, investment products or regulation.

Barron’s Focus on Funds:

A bit of an inside-baseball source for the funds industry, over the years, this column has been written by some of the best in the business, and it’s currently under the steady hand of Crystal Kim, with ample guest contributions. Pieces tend to be short and to the point, and occasionally break interesting news.

CNBC Trader Talk:

I no longer keep the TV on all day, so checking in with Bob Pisani’s regular blog is where I get my salacious inside-the-market tidbits.

Got another great resource? Toss it in the comments below, or you can reach me on Twitter @DaveNadig, or at [email protected]. I hope you’ll join us in two weeks for our ETF 101 session, or this coming Thursday for Live!.

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