Smaller Emerging Markets ETF Hot New Trend

October 16, 2014


As expected, EMBB’s R-squared is higher—0.85—as it excludes frontier markets altogether.

EMBB Stats


Emerging ETF Innovation On The Rise

Both BBRC and EMFM have been some of the fastest-growing ETFs of 2014, based on flows as a percentage of assets.

BBRC has pulled in $257 million in 2014 through the end of the third quarter, growing at a blistering 1,147 percent clip. EMFM has pulled in $142 million, growing roughly 973 percent.

Meanwhile, as of the end of the third quarter, EEM had net outflows of $603 million while VWO’s had net outflows of $190 million.

Looking at the bigger picture, the dominance of EEM and VWO as a total percentage of broad emerging market ETF assets has decreased from roughly 90 percent to about 80 percent since the beginning of 2011.


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