Daily ETF Watch: 2 Dividend ETFs Launch

May 07, 2014

WisdomTree’s latest dividend growth funds cover developed Europe and the Pacific Rim.

WisdomTree today is launching the WisdomTree Europe Dividend Growth Fund (EUDG) and the WisdomTree International Hedged Dividend Growth (IHDG), according to an NYSE communique. The ETFs target non-U.S. firms with good dividend-growth prospects.

The growth- and dividend-focused ETFs are launching at a time of persistent low interest rates, highlighted by the Federal Reserve’s ongoing bond-buying economic stimulus. Low bond yields have resulting in investors using dividend-paying equities as a yield-replacement strategy.

To that end, EUDG, which will track the WisdomTree Europe Dividend Growth Index, will provide investors exposure to dividend-paying common stocks of companies listed in developed European countries such as United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany, according to its regulatory filing.

EUDG, the Europe-focused dividend ETF, has an expense ratio of 0.58 percent, or $58 for every $10,000 invested.

IHDG will track the WisdomTree International Hedged Dividend Growth Index, which comprises 300 dividend-paying companies in developed European countries such as Austria, France and Germany, and Pacific Rim countries such as Japan, Australia and New Zealand, according to its regulatory filing. The ETF also has a currency-hedged overlay as part of its strategy.

IHDG, too, has an expense ratio of 0.58 percent.


ProShares Capital Management LLC has resumed accepting orders for new creation units of 11 futures-based ETFs, including the:

  • ProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Commodity (UCD)
  • ProShares UltraShort DJ-UBS Commodity (CMD)
  • ProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Natural Gas (BOIL)
  • ProShares UltraShort DJ-UBS Natural Gas (KOLD)
  • ProShares Ultra Australian Dollar (GDAY)
  • ProShares UltraShort Australian Dollar (CROC)
  • ProShares Ultra Euro (ULE)
  • ProShares Short Euro (EUFX)
  • ProShares Ultra Yen (YCL)
  • ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (SVXY)
  • ProShares VIX Mid-Term Futures ETF (VIXM | B-38)

“It is possible that the market value of the funds’ shares may be affected by the reopening of the funds, and may be higher or lower than the intraday indicative value of the shares,” according to a firm statement.

The firm last week temporarily suspended creation of new shares of the futures-based ETFs because of a delay in filing regulatory paperwork.


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