Daily ETF Watch: WBI To Add To Lineup

WBI files for sector rotation ETF.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

WBI has filed for another ETF to add to its lineup of 10 actively managed funds. The WBI Tactical Rotation Shares is essentially a go-anywhere fund that can invest in other exchange-traded products, options, equities, fixed-income securities and currencies.

The fund’s managers will use quantitative computer models to evaluate various factors affecting different investments and their potential risk-adjusted returns. The prospectus warns of a possibly high level of volatility in the fund’s shares and the potential for heavy losses.

WBI rolled out 10 tactical ETFs roughly a year ago that also rely on quantitative strategies. Within a day of their launch, they received collective inflows of nearly $1 billion, over half of which came from existing WBI clients.

The proposed ETF will come with an expense ratio of 1.43 percent.

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