Hot Reads: BlackRock Pulls ETF Assets From State Street Custody

Plus, a study suggests there's no significant cost to ESG portfolios.

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BlackRock To Pull Bulk Of US ETF Assets From State Street (FA Magazine)

The world’s largest ETF issuer will no longer use rival State Street for the majority of its custody needs.


ESG Investing Poses No ‘Significant’ Cost To Investors (Institutional Investor)

Researchers at Arizona State University found investors “don’t lose by implementing ESG.”


The Fed’s Rate Policies Can’t Fix This Inflation (CNBC)

What, if anything, the Fed can do to try and slow inflation in a changed world.


Is Crypto Speculation Headed For A ‘Screeching’ Halt? (Institutional Investor)

Aristides Capital’s founder says a Fed plan to tighten monetary policy could hurt all “bubble assets.”


The Trouble With Dividend Forecasting (Parametric Portfolio)

Nuances of dividend forecasting and some unique challenges.


What Works & What Doesn’t In Silver ETFs (Livemint)

Since silver is bulky and difficult to store, the ETF model is one of the preferred ways to invest in it.


This Bull Market Hasn’t Always Been Easy (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

The most harmful mistakes often come from more experienced investors who assume they have the markets figured out.


The Volatility Is The Point (The Reformed Broker)

Advice if you’re new to investing: Learn to live through volatility rather than pretend you can hide from it.