Hot Reads: GameStop Traders Turn To Silver ETF

January 29, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Silver Is Latest Market Hit By Reddit Day-Trader Frenzy (Bloomberg)
Gold and copper are also lifted by wave of spillover buying.


Quants Seeing Record High Correlations (Validea)
Factor strategies are failing to live up to their diversification label.


Illusion Of Soaring Savings Amid Rising Economic Uncertainty (Advisor Perspectives)
The wealthy are saving more than ever, skewing the savings rate. 


Senate Panel To Hold Hearing Amid GameStop Frenzy (Bloomberg)
Incoming Chair of Senate Banking and Housing Committee Sherrod Brown to hold hearing on current state of the stock market.


Trend Following & Improving Portfolio Construction (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Know your correlation matrix.


Is The Stock Market In A Bubble? (Advisor Perspectives)
Knowing precisely what one is, is the unavoidable first step in deciding whether we’re in one.


How To Manage Your Investments Late In A Cycle (The Big Picture)
Nobody knows whether equities will keep rising or for how long, but a little market history can help ease the anxiety.


Considering Bank Loans? (Advisor Perspectives)
Here are three key considerations.



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