Hot Reads: SEC Eyeing Market Swings As Meme Stocks Surge

June 08, 2021

Compiled by Staff

SEC Scrutinizing Market Swings As Meme Stocks Surge (FA Magazine)

SEC investigating whether there’s been related market disruptions, manipulative trading or other misconduct.


Pioneering Low Volatility & Factor-Based Investing (The Big Picture)

Can you match the market with less volatility and lower drawdowns?


6 Small Cap ETFs For The Economic Recovery (ETF Focus)

Cyclicals, value stocks and emerging markets look well-positioned to outperform.


Is Active Investing ‘The Biggest Scam On The Planet’? (ThinkAdvisor)

A nuclear pharmacist turned RIA labels active managers “lucky coin flippers.”


Bill Would Allow Annual Penalty-Free $1K 401(k)/IRA Withdrawals (FA Magazine)

Bipartisan proposal is designed to give Americans more access to emergency funds.


Does Inflation Hurt Stocks? (ThinkAdvisor)

Concerns that the earnings yield is less than the inflation rate are misplaced, say Goldman analysts.


Inflation In 2021 Could Be Different (Advisor Perspectives)

The risk of sustained inflation is high; fixed income investors should consider adopting a defensive posture.


What’s Dragging Down Small Growth? (Morningstar)

As the value rotation continues, health care and tech names lag.


The Term ‘Machine Learning’ Is Overused (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)

It’s bandied about as a special technique to liven returns for any portfolio.


Finding Quality Value Stocks (Validea)

Many value stocks have bigger problems than the market has priced in.

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