iShares To Close 8 ETFs

June 15, 2020

The world's largest ETF issuer will be closing eight of its international U.S.-listed funds in mid-August. The iShares ETFs slated for closure will see their last day of trading on Aug. 17.

During the month of August, in every year since 2018, iShares has typically closed a slew of ETFs that have low asset levels or limited appeal to investors. This year, the funds on the chopping block include the following:


The funds range in assets under management from under $2 million to more than $35 million. The five currency-hedged ETFs all debuted in 2015, but did not gather significant assets. While EUMV, JPMV and IFEU each have $19 million or more in AUM, they have been around even longer, with IFEU’s launch dating back to 2007.

Fund closures for the ETF space currently stand at more than 121 shutdowns, a record level that was partially fueled by March’s market crash.

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