Monday Hot Reads: An Impending $20T Juggernaut

December 04, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Vanguard, BlackRock Could Soon Control $20T (Bloomberg)
Within a decade, BlackRock and Vanguard could be managing $20 trillion in assets. 


Bitcoin Futures’ Imminence Sends Prices Soaring (Fortune)

CME to offer bitcoin futures on Dec. 18.


Robots Joining Bitcoin Craze As Quants Seek Edge (Bloomberg)

Quant blended with bitcoin a "cocktail from hell" intrepid souls are drinking.


Active ETFs Grow By $21.9B Globally In 2017 (Seeking Alpha)
Majority of these flows can be attributed to the top 20 ETFs by net new assets.


Risky Lure Of Passive Investment Proxies (Bloomberg)

Is there another explanation for huge flows into passive products?


9 US Equity Sectors Gain Despite Size (Indexology)
S&P 500’s historic ride this year following November. 


Regulator Examining ETFs’ Potential Systemic Risks (Fund Strategy)

International Organization of Securities Commissions expanding probe of potential systemic risks of ETFs.


Eurozone-Focused ETFs Finally Have Their Year (WSJ)
Several funds to consider to ride gains in German stocks and broader Europe.


Senate Passes Tax Bill (The Hill)
In doing so early Saturday morning, Senate handed Republicans a legislative and political victory.


Dow Tops 24,000: 5 Best Stocks Powering ‘DIA’ (Nasdaq)

Retail ETF’s YTD 2017 return has bested that of ‘SPY.’


Elegant & Transparent Dividend ETF (Morningstar)
'SDY' targets profitable firms with a long history of raising dividend payments.


2 Defense ETFs For North Korea Threat (Nasdaq)

The funds’ charts may be similar, but their portfolios widely differ.


Schwab Launching 3 Equity Index Mutual Funds, Waiving Fees (ThinkAdvisor)

Race to the bottom in fees hits mutual funds from the third-largest ETF issuer.


WisdomTree's Best & Worst Performing ETFs Of 2017 (WisdomTree)

Emerging market funds are stars, but even the stinkers generated positive returns.


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