THOR Debuts With Volatility-Focused ETF

September 13, 2022

THOR Financial Technologies on Tuesday launched its first exchange-traded fund, focused on low-volatility equity strategy.  

The THOR Low Volatility ETF (THLV) has an expense ratio of 0.65%, and lists on the New York Stock Exchange, according to a company statement. The fund will generally track the performance of the THOR U.S. Low Volatility Index. 

News of the fund’s launch comes at a precarious time for equity-focused ETFs. Last week, equity-based funds saw $3.7 billion in net outflows. Yet the company remains optimistic that its fund strategy, which entails rebalancing weekly to determine risk across 10 sectors in its low-volatility index, will minimize negative returns. 

“What makes our process a little bit different is everything we do is completely, 100%, emotionless and systematic,” said Brad Roth, founder and chief investment officer at THOR, in an interview with  

“They're all rules-based, computer-driven strategies, and instead of taking a low volatility approach like most other funds do, where they try to build a basket of low-beta equity stocks, what we're doing is trying to actively manage risk by rotating out of areas of the market that could see some higher volatility or could see some drawdown,” he added.  

Roth, and Cameron Roth, managing partner at Thor Analytics, will serve as portfolio managers for the fund.  


[Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article misstated that THLV would be an actively managed fund.]  


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