Fri. Hot Reads: 2 ETFs Riding Bond Yields High

October 05, 2018

Compiled by Staff


ETFs That Bet Against Treasury Bonds Rise With Yields (Bloomberg)
TBF’ and ‘TBT’ had best days in almost two years as debt plunges.

BlackRock’s Market Views For 4th Quarter (BlackRock)

Latest forecast for equity and fixed income for last quarter of 2018. 


Gundlach: Treasury Market Witnessing ‘Game Changer’ (MarketWatch)
Bond king predicts 10-year yield to hit 3.5%, 30-year at 4%. 


Low-Cost Exposure To Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds (Morningstar)

LQD’ harnesses market's collective wisdom.


True Cost Of ETF Lies Beyond Expense Ratio (Investment News)
In addition to explicit expenses, implicit and opportunity costs should be factored into which ETF is chosen.


3 Roadblocks To Better ESG Adoption (Think Advisor)
Think of ESG investing as an investment, not a donation.


Fee Pressure Continues: Deutsche & BMO Cut Fund Costs (ETF Stream)
Free pressure cooker turns up a few notches.


4 ETF Nerds Debate 20 Topics (Bloomberg)
Colorful gang of ETF pundits spar.


How To Break Up A Credit Rating Oligopoly (Institutional Investor)
Jules Kroll wanted to disrupt the credit-rating business. Easier said than done.

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