Fri. Hot Reads: Are Long/Short Equity Strategies Worth It?

March 09, 2018

Compiled by Staff


US Sees 313,000 New Jobs In February (CNBC)
Economy added 313,000 jobs in February, crushing expectations, while the unemployment rate was 4.1%, according to a Labor Department report Friday.


Are Long/Short Equity Strategies Worth The Fees? (Alpha Architect) 
Investors likely better off with a portfolio of passive investments. 


What A Meeting With North Korea Means (Reformed Broker)
Would a President Trump–Kim Jong-Un face-to-face talk actually accomplish anything?  


Trump Launches His Trade War (Axios)
Trump signs new steel and aluminum tariffs, with exemptions for Canada and Mexico.


An Emerging Markets ETF That Takes Less Risk (Morningstar) 
An in-depth analysis of the iShares Edge MSCI Minimum Volatility Emerging Markets ETF (EEMV).


Where To Find Bond ETFs That Are Going Up (MarketWatch) 
Hint: Look at emerging markets.


Coming Wave Of Fund Liquidity Risk Regulation (MSCI) 
International guidelines for liquidity risk management have been released.

Individual Investor's Edge (Morningstar)
Reuters unintentionally demonstrated this drawback for professional investors—and edge for retail buyers.


BlackRock On Promise Of AI (BlackRock)
How does artificial intelligence help improve investors' financial well-being?

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