Fri. Hot Reads: BlackRock Cuts 500 Jobs

January 11, 2019

Compiled by Staff


BlackRock To Cut 500 Jobs Amid Market Turmoil (Think Advisor)
Asset manager will fire 3% of its global workforce, biggest reduction since 2016.


Gov't Shutdown Sees Uncharted Territory (CNBC)
Government shutdown may have bigger impact on economy if it continues much longer and starts to hit business or consumer confidence.


Vanguard's Platform To End Leveraged/Inverse ETF Purchases (FA Magazine) 
You soon won't be able to buy inverse or leveraged products on Vanguard's brokerage platform.


Recession Watch (Indexology)
Some caution warranted, based on yield curve. 


Experts Forecast The Long Term (Morningstar) 
Roundup of what the likes of BlackRock and John Bogle are expecting regarding stock and bond returns.


10% Bounce In S&P 500 (Reformed Broker)
Now what?


Factor Momentum Real, Researchers Argue (Institutional Investor)
AQR's lab lobs new findings into factor investing's hottest debate.


Powell: Fed Balance Sheet To Be Much Smaller (CNBC)
Federal Reserve chairman says central bank's balance sheet will be "substantially smaller" than it is now.


When Markets Are Tough, Don't Look (Morningstar)
In volatile times, investors may be best suited by tuning out.


What Major Cyberattack Could Mean For Markets (BlackRock)
It's a growing risk whose impact may be underestimated.


Do Convertible Securities Have A Role In 2019? (Invesco)
Why Invesco thinks so.


Space ETFs Invest Mostly In Earthbound Stocks (Bloomberg)
Portfolios filled with familiar defense, aerospace and consumer names.

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