Fri. Hot Reads: Death Of Smart Beta?

September 07, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Smart Beta Dead, Not Forgotten (Alpha Architect)

The term "smart beta" has been stretched to the point of meaninglessness.


Bitcoin ETF Applicants ‘Don’t Fit The Mold’ For SEC (CNBC)
CEO of bitcoin payment startup says firms don’t match financial archetype SEC seeks.


ETF Investors Undeterred As Wall St. Warns On Pullback (Bloomberg)
Largest stock ETFs on track for highest weekly inflows since 2015.


Coinbase Mulls Crypto ETF, Seeks Help From BlackRock (BC Focus)
Coinbase wants retail investors to gain access to volatile cryptomarkets.


How Next Global Economic Crisis Could Start (Barron’s)
Getting harder to ignore risk of contagion in emerging markets.


Back To School With ETFs (MainStay)

Refresher course on ETFs after a summer of news and events in the ETF world.


S&P Risk Parity Indices: Return Contribution & Leverage (Indexology) 

Leverage and equal-risk contribution can be used to reduce the risk of a multi-asset portfolio. 


How & Where To Stay Bullish On IG Credit (WisdomTree) 

Cautious approach probably good right now, all factors considered.


Optimal Asset Mgmt Adds Advisor Direct Indexing Service (Think Advisor)
SMA uses fractional shares to make customization of index investing possible.


Credit Derivatives Dethroned By ETFs (Bloomberg)
Investors choosing “liquidity” over “specificity.”


Structured ETFs Offer Twist On Variable Annuity Strategy (Investment News)

'BJUL', 'PJUL' and 'UJUL' offer downside protection and upside limits.


Smart Beta ETFs Take On $3.8T Muni Bond Market (Bloomberg)

Columbia Threadneedle files for “strategic beta” muni bond ETF.


Portfolio Protection: High-Dividend Value Stocks (MarketWatch)

PVG Asset Management expects interest rates to fall, supporting prices for stocks in four sectors with attractive dividend payouts. 

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