Fri. Hot Reads: Gold ETF Sees Wave Of Demand

December 28, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Blue Skies In Gold ETFs As Investors Flee Stock Turbulence (Bloomberg)
GLD” sees its highest inflows since July 2016.


Zero-Fee Funds Making Some Investors Nervous (QZ)
Some investors wonder if it’s all just too much of a good thing.


Factor ETF Investors Have Nowhere To Hide (Bloomberg)
The different factors don't seem to be offering protection against this market slide.


JP Morgan To Pay $135M For Mishandling ADRs (Think Advisor)
The improper activities produced $71 million in revenue for the bank.


Glimmer Of Hope For Active Management? (Evidence Based Investor)
Is there anything intrinsically wrong with active fund management?


History Of Bear Market Bottoms (Irrelevant Investor)
What does a real bear market bottom look like?


Bringing Sexy Back To Consumer Staples (MarketWatch)
What's bad for “NEED” is good for “LACK.”


Why Fed May Cut Rates Within Months (CNBC)
History over the past three decades shows Fed shifts in matter of months from raising to cutting.


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