Fri. Hot Reads: How ETFs Became The Market

September 14, 2018

Compiled by Staff


How ETFs Became The Market (Bloomberg)
If you work in ETFs, memories of 2008 aren’t all doom and gloom.


Patience Key For Factor-Based Portfolios (Morningstar)
Investors wondering how long their factor portfolio can underperform need to be patient.


Logic For Indexing Is Irrefutable (Evidence-Based Investor)
Why indexing and robo advice will likely keep growing.


Dollar Continues To Dominate (BlackRock)
But this has market consequences.


Dynamic Currency Overlay: Behind The Signals (WisdomTree)
Criteria that go into the application of WisdomTree's dynamic currency hedges.


Is Software Eating Value Investing? (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
Traditional value investing in crosshairs of tech revolution.


Asia's Best-Performing Market Has ETFs With Worst Outflows (Bloomberg)
India considered “good place to hide” from current trade war concerns, but ETFs investing in it are bleeding assets.


Midterm Elections & Market Volatility (MainStay)
Since markets tend to be forward-looking, election jitters are already being seen this month.

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