Fri. Hot Reads: Stock Decline In Perspective

November 23, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Surveying The Damage In Stocks (Wealth Of Common Sense)  

Stock market getting slaughtered, but stocks still up impressively since financial crisis.


Taxing Time Of Year Need Not Be (Franklin Templeton)

A look at tax-loss harvesting with ETFs.


Shelter From The Storm (Indexology)

How low-volatility strategies have provided protection from market downturns.


Securities Lending & Market Contagion Fear (ETF Stream)

How might passive investors act if a sell-off took on more dangerous proportions than those in October?


Goldman Tracking For Worst Month In 6 Years (CNBC)

One technical analyst says it’s going to get worse


Japan Stock Concerns If Easy Money Ends (MSCI)

Minimum volatility approach could offer some protection.


Homebuilders Beset By Problems (Seeking Alpha)

While the building permits situation has improved, data on single-family homes grim.

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