Fri. Hot Reads: Stop Blaming Index Providers

June 01, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Indexers Don't Drive Performance (BlackRock)

Stock pickers dictate winners and losers.


Factor Regression Problems & How To Fix Them (Alpha Architect)

Factor regressions are one way to determine what factor a fund is exposed to.


Encouraging Data For EV ETFs (MarketWatch)

IEA says electric vehicles worldwide could reach 13 million by end of current decade.


When Investors Do (& Don't) Pay Attention To Fees (Morningstar)

Mistakes can be fixed.


VIG Fails At Consistent Dividend Income Delivery (SeekingAlpha) 

Retirees looking for reliable income might try 'VYM' instead of ‘VIG.'


Money Still Cheap Enough To Support Stocks (BlackRock) 

Is the era of easy money over?


2 ETFs For Building Retirement Wealth (Motley Fool)

IBB’ and ‘XBI’ could deliver outsized gains in the years ahead.


Sharpening Active Management’s Arithmetic (Alpha Architect)

For many investors, the superiority of passive investing vs. active is axiomatic.  


Oil ETFs Plunge On Hopes Of Output Boost (Nasdaq)

The worst-performing oil ETFs in the past week.


US Dollar Trifecta: Inflation, Elections, Policy (WisdomTree)

These three big-picture factors move the dollar.


7 ETFs To Protect Your Portfolio (US News & World Report)

Investors worried about a bear market should consider these funds.

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